Jitka Dytrychová, DiS.

profil webI am a registered yoga teacher (R.Y.T 200) with Yoga alliance and graduated 3rd class yoga teacher at the Czech Yoga Academy. I attended my first yoga workshop with the Australian yoga teacher Nicky Knoff in 2011. My yoga journey began here; I got enthusiastic about Nicky’s wise and precise attitude to traditional Hatha Yoga. I began my personal yoga practice; however, I also practiced with other yoga teachers, Jacintha Mc Burney and Janka Aksamitova. In 2016 I completed my 200-hours yoga teacher training at Hridaya Yoga Academy in Cairns, Australia.
The living spirituality entered my life a little bit earlier, thanks owe to the amazing person and significant personality of transpersonal psychology PhDr. Patricie Anzari, CSc. (www.patricieanzari.cz). I attended my first retreat of personal growth at her centre in Rynartice in 2005 and found a new meaning and perspective of my personal story. Today I am honoured to collaborate in several areas of Patricia’s activities. I work as a co-therapist on her retreats, simultaneously participating in the individual training and mentoring, learning her original psychotherapeutic method of active egolysis.
In cooperation with Patricia, we included the yoga practice to several retreats of personal growth. I guide the participants as the lead yoga teacher on these retreats since 2015.
My aim is to guide my students on the path of yoga, thus yoga can become a natural part of their lives improving their overall wellbeing and attitude to the world. On the journey of yoga we rediscover the breath, inhabit the body and open our heart, finding courage, independence and tolerance in our daily lives. We can become those, who are good to meet.