Yoga journey is one of the few spiritual disciplines offering not only theory but also practice. What’s more, it literally calls its followers to develop daily practice as a way of living. Seeking God in words and sacred texts only without the personal practice does not open the path of knowledge.
Yoga provides the unique opportunity for cleansing and wakening of the body and mind, one can create a worthy home of the soul. It does not matter whether our body suits the image of “ideal beauty”. Yoga teaches us to accept the body for what it is, and inhabit it completely with joy and gratitude. Yoga increases our physical condition and endurance. It also strengthens our truthfulness, courage and decisiveness off the mat. It turns our attention towards the breath, which helps us to release stress, fear and anxiety. The connection to the breath and movement allows us to touch our inner strength, to break free from the constant requests and complaints of the ego. “Yoga chitta vritti nirodha” – yoga is the restriction of the fluctuations of consciousness. So is the definition of yoga in Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras. And a rattle-headed mind causes the most of our troubles and psychical problems. If we calm our mind, we can discover the other view of our personal story through our hearth.

Whether we step on the mat with any intention, through our longer practise we find, that yoga is not just stretching, healthy exercise or relaxation. It is meditation in motion teaching us to experience every moment of our lives consciously and meaningfully.

Hridaya literally means spiritual heart, centre of the intuition, the „Self“.
It is the seat of pure consciousness in the physical body, the source of inner strength. Through Hridaya we connect with the Truth, which is unseen, hard to convey, which can be only felt in our heart.

Hridaya Yoga means the journey of the heart
The Yogi, actually every person on the spiritual path should act with joy of life, friendly and open mind, compassionate heart, feeling gratitude for life and God’s presence, exploring every moment and wondering about the beauty of the world. Through his thoughts, words and actions he brings these qualities into everyday life and provides inspiration for everyone on the journey.

Big thanks to my friend and yoga teacher Janka Aksamitova, the founder of Hridaya Yoga Academy for sharing the name and the logo of the school with me.
The lotus flower represents the essence of pure being, state of oneness. The teacher’s personalities are expressed in different colours of the logo and symbols rising up from the flower.
Our paths may vary, however we are still heading in one direction: to our spiritual hearth ‘Hridaya’, where we are all one.